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FLC In Use

Revolutionizing leading applications

From smart phones, to laptops, to servers, and automotive use cases: FLC radically improves efficiency of the application by accelerating all memory/caching operations. This allows for higher performance, lower power, lower cost, more innovation, and competitive differentiation.
LOW END example

Entry Level


FLC Controller Chiplet & IP licensing:
  • Centralized memory caching solution for application processor with best-in-class performance from high access bandwidth and >95% FLC-1 hit rate.
  • Translates to benefits like longer battery life, better performance, and form factors small enough to be a credit card chip.
  • Shown: barebone low-end ARM CPU+GPU system for smartphones and laptops.

Scale Out


  • Built in fault-tolerance from cluster redundancy, power savings with cluster-level power down.
  • Flexibility (mix & match), scalability, and future expansion ready.
  • Shown: high-end ARM CPU (4 clusters of 2xA77+A55) + 2x GPU system for smartphone, laptop, and automotive systems.


Generative AI Server

  • FLC enables green data centers with lower power use and increased resilience against memory / SSD subsystem failure.
  • Magnitude of FLC benefits increases with system size, while complexity of design cycles is reduced.
  • Shown: DreamBig modular Generative AI Server for compute and acceleration of Large Language Model (LLM) and Generative AI training / inference.

An Open


  • FLC is central to a future vision of an open ecosystem of chiplets where design and fabrication are democratized and borderless.
  • FLC systems are always more efficient in power & performance. They are also often more efficient in cost, memory requirements, and design ease.

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FLC Technology Group is redefining computing architecture with innovative, scalable memory architecture.